WPC LOGISTICES (VIETNAM) CO., LTD are well knowledge in international import/export, as well as customs procedures and formalities. If you want to expand your business into new International markets, or you are looking for better service in existing market, our skilled team simplify the process managing all your logistics and documents requirements. With our professional team handled, it will help you to free to manage and focus to grow your business around the world.
Currently, so much emphasis is on global sourcing and free trade agreement, that customs issues, concerning import/export process have assumed an increasingly important role in the supply chain. WPC LOGISTICS (VIETNAM) CO., LTD offer global import/export, customs services thanks to our wide range of offices, partners and agent though out the world.
Our skilled and experienced team we are proud to offer to our value customers/partners below services:
– Our expert team will manage and complete all your required international import/export documents, enhancing your customs compliance, keeping your shipment on schedule, and fortifying your customer relationships through our quality control process.
– You export/import declarations will be filed, your shipments coordinated, and your carrier invoicing processed. By outsourcing these responsibilities to us, you can focus on developing your business efficiently.
– Offer consultancy on customs requirements
– We will keep you up to date with shipment status and notifications of new international shipping regulations.
– With our reliable worldwide network, you can provide you smooth, effective and high quality service.
– Documents for import/export shipment: Bill of Lading, Invoice, Packing list, Certificate of Origin, Cargo Insurance, Fumigation, Phytosanitary,… and all other related documents.

Thanks to our good location, WPC LOGISTICS 9VIETNAM) CO., LTD are able to offer our customers to save valuable time, unnecessary steps, and money.
Inform us with your need, we might be able to propose you a more convenient way to achieve your goal. Contact us at +842839977953 or biz@wpcvietnam.com