WPC LOGISTICS (VIETNAM) CO., LTD focus on end-to-end supply chain management. Whether importing/exporting from/to any country around the world, we can coordinate pick-up and freight delivery to assure your cargo arrive timely and efficiently. This doo-to-door cargo shipping services enable to transport your goods door-to-door without employing dedicated staff or conducting timely freight research. That’s why our customers consider us as an extension of their operation, representing them with professional skill of all times.
WPC LOGISTICS (VIETNAM) CO., LTD offer door-to-door cargoes shipping services
– Pickup at your designated location
– Packaging, crating, labeling
– Booking outbound freight
– Container receiving and preparation at port
– Complete customs and shipping documents needed for export
– Customs clearance at port/airport of origin
– Attend customs examination on your behalf
– Fumigation, phytosanitary if needed
– Cargo Insurance
– Ship your shipment by sea/Air or Multimodal means of transport 9Sea – Air, Sea – Land – Air )
– Local handling at destination
– Documents for customs formalities for import cargoes
– Customs clearance at port/airport of destination
– Inspection if needed
– Storage if needed
– Delivery at destination
– DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) DDP(Delivery Duty Paid)

Wherever you are in the world, WPC LOGISTICS (VIETNAM) CO., LTD can offer you safe and reliable door-to-door cargo shipping. Contact us at +842839977953 or biz@wpcvietnam.com