WPC LOGISTICS (VIETNAM) CO., LLD aims to identify the hidden risk in transportation and to address those risks while providing financial security.

Cargo Insurance is an important portion of international transportation. We consider cargoes insurance as part of logistics

We take time to meet and explain to customers all potential liability issues when shipping internationally. Together, we can explore the best options suited to your shipments.

We offer our customers, when requested, an additional cargoes insurance which has been negotiated with premier insurance companies.

As carriers (both air and sea) are limited responsibilities so this might be a “piece of mind” for your cargo when it should occur it gets damage or lost. General Everage (all parties in a sea venture proportionally share any losses resulting from voluntary sacrifice of part of the ship or cargo to save the whole in an emergency) and natural disasters.

We offer risk management services to minimize our customers losses. Please Contact us at +842839977953 or biz@wpcvietnam.com

Please do note that WPC LOGISTICS 9VIETNAM) CO., LTD is not an insurance company nor a insurance borker, We are just offer this additional services for our customers/partners benefit.

Contact us at +842839977953 or biz@wpcvietnam.com


WPC LOGISTICS (VIETENAM) CO., LTD expertise in freight forwarder business for 20 years, we ship many different types of cargoes, know thousands of suppliers/importers/exporters/suppliers of all kind of goods. We can help our customers to choose the reliable, cost effective partners/suppliers suitable to their requirements.

We help our customers to simplify their purchase streamline operation and provide with wide range of intergrade services to support all aspects of their supply chain.

Should you need to import or export any general cargoes, machines, agricultures products, material for processing, furniture, construction material, Please contact our expert.

Contact us at +842839977953 or biz@wpcvietnam.com