With a team of more than 10 years of experience in the field of international freight forwarding and logistics along with a team of highly specialized staff, WPC LOGISTICS has clearly identified the need to transport goods from Vietnam to all destinations. countries in the world and vice versa. We provide our customers with the following services:
International Freight Forwarding:
Transporting Full Container (FCL) / LCL (LCL) to all ports in the world.
Shipping goods Door to Door International.
Transporting domestic Door to Door goods to routes throughout the territory of Vietnam.
Air freight (AIR) to airports around the world.
Complete logistics solutions, project goods and exhibition displays
Transportation, packing, bales and customs declaration
In particular, WPC LOGISTICS also provides consolidating and splitting services (Buyer consol & Seller consol): This is a combination of LCL and FCL methods, depending on specific conditions, shipper and consignee can negotiate with WPC LOGISTICS for consolidation and separation.
With a global network of agents, especially capable agents at transshipment ports, hub ports, WPC LOGISTICS and our agent system are capable of performing consolidation operations. /Separate goods according to customer’s request.